Creativity and research are at the heightened focus of Be-Great Security and Intelligence Academy (BGSIA), Ghana, UK and Ireland. Like the very few international major Universities and Colleges, we were created to ameliorate research education in ways that would reposition the lives of people, domestic and international development. And, unlike the mainstream tertiary institutions who are not daunted about graduates employment prospects, we remain distinctive in our best approach to supporting and preparing students for the best career in the real life, and then translate their advanced position into ways that are explicitly responsive to the prevailing global challenges such as terrorism, human and drug trafficking, kidnapping, facilitating prostitution, climate change and economic, social and political instability.

As an independent, coeducational, Security, Intelligence and Investigation approved institution of higher learning, with academic program taken from an atmosphere of vibrant and culturally diverse learning environment, our University Academy strives to make opportunity of higher education available to all people of pluralistic society without illegally rendering discrimination on the basis of gender, race, national origin, colour, religion, sex, disability, marital status, etc.

Be-Great Security and Intelligence Academy is the main partner of UK government accredited University College, and a specialised Department to a recognised and approved institution in the Republic of Ireland. We can seldom continue without affirming BGSIA’s Mentoring Institutions which are currently aiding to offer postgraduate Diplomas and Degrees to the Academy’s successful graduates; the American Heritage University, OSIM (London Metropolitan University) and Charisma University are the subject-writing Institutions. Prospective students wishing to obtain officially accredited qualification on full time can now join BGSIA to study at the world’s widely-know financial city (UK), European most career opportunity hub (Republic of Ireland) and globally-known peaceful country in Africa (Ghana). BGSIA, at the time of writing this message, had a total of nearly 5yrs in educating both local and international students, with the objective of providing ‘’academic platform’’ that enhances critical thinking, instills values and create capacity for innovation and career preparation. At BGSIA, we believe that each student is unique and, as an educational community, we provide uncommon academic tools and practical skills that enable students to maximise their potential and even those who are not able to attend the full-time classes are equally able to communicate with a relevant faculty through the information technology presentation devices which have excitingly been made available to offer such distance teaching services.

We look forward to having you join Be-Great Security and Intelligence Academy, Ghana, UK and Ireland.

Be-Great Security and Intelligence Academy.
(Promoting Peace & Security through academic training)

Dr. Ernest Gyimah, Ph.D